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Bill Luckett

Mayor Extraordinaire


Moorhead:  Going To Town

A Mississippi Tea In Texas



"Grow Something"

Timothy Burress

Farming Is Our Future

What a delightful conversation I had with Mr. Timothy Burress, a Master Gardener in New Albany.  If you do not already have an enthusiasm for gardening, you will after talking with Mr. Burress.  Whatever you want to know about gardening, from growing roses to making rain barrels, you can ask this guy. Read story now.


Crawfish Pie

Featuring Abbie Huckleby

Abbie Huckleby prepares her Crawfish Pie, a mud bug lover's dream!

This pie is so good, even if you don't like crawfish, you will love this pie!  Abbie shows you step-by-step how to make this delicious dish, so there is no way you can go wrong.  And, oh, my goodness, the tips that Abbie drops along the way are priceless!  You will want to file this recipe, for sure.

Abbie Huckleby is a native-Mississippian now living in Texas. 

Recipe:  Crawfish Pie


Website Update

The Mississippi Club website has been upgraded with a new look and feel.  We have added some new pages and features that we hope you find useful.  The site is still in construction and more new features will be available shortly.  Some of the new features include Membership and Login options, access to the Members Lounge, and document database search.

Become a registered member and enjoy full access to all website features.  


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Benefits of Membership

First, let me make it clear what The Mississippi Club gets out of you becoming a registered member.  By providing your email address, you will give us the opportunity to:

1.  Make sure that you are kept up-to-date on any changes that occur on our website or our Facebook page, or with the services we provide. 

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Rosalin Moss

Why I Do What I Do

There was a time when I dreamed of traveling the entire United States of America, and even going to faraway places like Paris, Spain, Africa, and Jerusalem.  So far, I have made it to a handful of states, like Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia,   <read more>

Sharing Facebook Posts

There is nothing The Mississippi Club likes better than spreading the word about Mississippi people, places and events, and sharing Facebook posts is one of the major ways that we do that.  However, it has become increasingly difficult to share posts because Facebook has changed the way that we receive updates in our newsfeed from the 1000+ pages that we follow.  Because we now have to visit many pages to get the updates, it is very time consuming and cannot be done every day for each page that we follow.  Therefore, you might notice that your posts are not being shared as much as they were in the past.  We will continue to do the best that we can to share posts that we think our audience will appreciate. 

As always, you are welcome to post to our website when you want to make sure important information is shared with The Mississippi Club audience.

The Mississippi Club's

New T-Shirt


The perfect shirt for those proud to call Mississippi home no matter where they are in the world.  Designed exclusively for The Mississippi Club.  

Available in Black or White.  100% cotton.

This shirt expresses the essence of what The Mississippi Club is all about - an attitude, a pride in who you are.

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