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The Mississippi Club is dedicated to raising awareness about the beautiful people, places and events
in Mississippi, and encouraging tourism in Mississippi.

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The Misissippi Club

Taking It To A New Level!


The Mississippi Club recently announced that it would be reducing the amount of post sharing in order to complete some new projects.   Please do not take this new stance to mean that The Mississippi Club will no longer be bringing you new and interesting information about Mississippi.  It is just the opposite!  I am sure that the new Mississippi Traveler pages will be of great value.  The intent is also to focus more on events happening in Mississippi, which there are a ton!  The Mississippi Club also wants to focus more on the people of Misssissippi and will be striving to schedule as many chats as possible in 2020.  We take pride in not being a respector of persons by listening to. . . <read more>


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August 2019
These Facebook pages made the list because they provide their followers with frequent page updates, which include interesting photos and/or interesting information. 

Foot Print Farms
Walnut Hills Restaurant
Hattiesburg Zoo

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The Mississippi Club takes a virtual look
at Mississippi's Fishing Lakes


Abbie's Plant Based Cuisine

Native-Mississippian Abbie Huckleby is bringing her southern soul cooking to the vegan experience in Houston/Katy area in Texas.






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