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      Gerald H. Duffy, Jr.
It Is What It Is

A man that knows no matter what situation you find yourself in, time is not to be wasted.
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Chilly Billy Howell
Delta Bohemian

Connecting with his clients is this tour guide's way of making sure they get what they are looking for and much, much more.
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Madge Marley Howell
Magical Madge

Above all, her relationship with God and her fellow beings is what really matters. 
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  Ashford Photography & Films
Husband and Wife Team with the Perfect Shot

This dynamic duo is blazing the trail of creativity and moving towards movie production in a big way. 
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LJ Echols
Born To Make Music

With two musically-gifted parents, this native-Mississippian was born with music in his DNA.
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 Steve Kolbus
Living The Life He Loves,
Loving The Life He Lives

This Indianian turned Mississippian likes how things turned out.
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  Jackiee Francis-Howard
"What Kind Of Man Are You" Stage Production

She's ready to take her
playwriting to another level.
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A Mississippi Magnet

Why do people come from all
around the
world to visit a small
delta town called Clarksdale?

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Timothy Burress
Gardening Is Our Future

Want to know something about
gardening?  Ask Timothy Burress.

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Dr. Cindy Ayers-Elliott
So Proud To Be A Farmer

This lady gave up her briefcase
and high heels for garden boots
and a straw hat.

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John W. Whiteside, III
It's A Tired Place, That Has An Incredible Amount of Diverse History, But It's A Peaceful Place

An ex-FBI agent who served in the
Mississippi delta during the turbulent
 years of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Bill Luckett
Mayor Extraordinaire

More than just a mayor, he's also a
lawyer, actor, developer and
blues club owner.

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Marian Ann Love
This Lady Hunts

Portrait of a lady hunter.
She can bring home the bacon and the steaks too. 
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Patricia Neely-Dorsey
Always, Always Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi

If you have ever wondered what being
Mississippi through and through was
like, just take a look at this poet,
author, talk show host, and Mississippi
Goodwill Ambassador,
Patricia Neely-Dorsey.

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Dr. Bryan A. Bailey
If There Is Something You Really Like To Do, Do It

Thanks to this guy and others like
him, we can keep enjoying that
stuff we call chocolate.

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  Wanda Monk
We Need More Love and Respect for Other People

A dedicated artist with

 a beautiful spirit.

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Karl Scwartz
Behind Every Mountain Is Another Mountain

He's a New Yorker but he's got
Mississippi blues running all
through his spirit.

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Jeff Monk
Life Is Full Of Surprises And You Never Know Which One Is For You

Looking at the world through a photographer's eye.

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Rob Robinson
Just One Person Can Make A Huge Difference In Someone's Life

He gave up a kidney to save
a friend's life.
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Blackberry Festival
Mississippi's First Annual Blackberry Festival

Who likes blackberries? 
Get ready for this festival.

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Jhai Keeton,
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
You Gotta Learn How To Check Yourself, And It's A Hard Job

This progressive thinker is
bringing state-of-the-art ideas
to his small gulf coast hometown.

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Jackie Francis-Howard
Dream Big, Believe and Push, Push, Push

This lady is making her dreams
of stage play production
come true.

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J & J Restaurant
Catering Services Available

A new restaurant bringing great
food to Main Street.

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Sarah Beaugez
Delta Dirt On My Boots and Salt Water Running In My Veins

A photographer with amazing
storytelling skills.

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Houston Cunningham
A Man Of Purpose

He's dedicated to leading
souls to Christ.
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 Michael Burrage
A Young Music Major Looks Forward To The Future

This young man doesn't want
to be an entertainer, he wants
to teach.

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George Holland
Mayor of Moorhead

He has proven that ending up
back where you started can
be a good thing.

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