Someone is looking for these people who once lived in Mississippi, and could still be living in Mississippi.  If you know the whereabouts of any of the people listed here, please contact The Mississippi Club at mississippi@mississippiclub.com.  You can also message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mississippiclub/.

If you are looking for someone who lived in Mississippi, send the details to The Mississippi Club and we will post your information on this Looking For You page, our Facebook Page, and in our periodic newsletter to registered members.  The Mississippi Club will do everything possible to help you find your long lost friend or family member.  Good luck to all!

Someone is looking for:
Daniel Simmons is looking for:

"I'm Dan, I'm looking for my childhood friends Leeroy and Kenney. We lived in Gautier around 1992/93.....I have been searching for years..... if you have any way to help, maybe just info on where I can ask for clues please!!!!!!! Let me know"

Kenny Schwarzenegger, Leroy, Daniel Simmons


Daniel-Lewis Lejeune Simmons on Facebook